File: 65c
Assigned Agent: Sierra 45
Status: Closed
Threat Level: Gamma

The so-called "magic Bullet", was created by an unknown "Hildie", in Cuba in 1961. The silver and brass projectile was sold first to local Leftists who in turn sold it to a New Jersey-based mobster named Sal "two fingers" Mantelli.

Mantelli, under the orders of an unknown agency, would recruit Lee Harvey Oswald to fire the bullet as a warning in Dallas during the president's visit on November 22, 1963. In Oswald's, mind it was to cause panic only. The bullet, however, had other ideas.

As per its creation, the bullet would track and kill the most powerful man within ten miles, and after being fired wildly in the air, it swooped down to kill the sitting president.

Not long after the assassination Mantelli would vanish. His car would later be found on a deserted New Jersey road, the front seat of the vehicle reduced to ash and slag.