File: 11b
Assigned Agent: Papa 1
Status: Open
Threat Level: Gamma

Giants once walked among humans. This is a common fact passed down to organizations like ours from older preternatural investigation organizations such as the United Kingdom's W.H.O and the Magi of the Vatican.

Putting all religious concepts such as Goliath and Nephilim aside, our studies and the studies of others show these creatures to be related to humanity and like other human genetic cousins such as the great apes, homo-mermus, under ground living troglodytes, are either extinct or so near extinction as to make them nearly irrelevant to our society.

Recently tales of a giant in Afghanistan and one in the Amazons have brought the existence of such creatures back into the public eye. While most of these sightings are ignored and covered up by us and others we must still be vigilant when it comes to these creatures.