File: 22
Assigned Agent: Alpha 2
Status: Open
Threat Level: Alpha

The United States as a country and the concept is currently under no less than thirty-two curses. Each curses being fueled by the other, and building towards a crescendo of mystical mayhem, the likes of which the world has not seen since Atlantis.

The origins of said curses vary, but it is believed the first one was either conjured by a Cherokee holy woman in the early 1700s or a former slave turned voodoo priestess during the same period.

Regardless, this, metaphysical "chicken," is coming home to roost, and is being fed by the growing racial, sexual, social-economic, and gender strife of the country.

It is commonly believed that the stock market crash of 1929 was to be the start of the dooming of our great nation. Thankfully our actions in World War two and Summer of love slowed our slide towards oblivion.