File: 17a
Assigned Agent: Whiskey 11, Pathogen division
Status: Open
Threat Level: Beta

Found in the Vatican vaults in 1940, the black pill (pills)is a small tablet that contains a synthesized form of the black plague that records present in the vault state was created by "alchemist" Andrea Degrasse in Genoa, Italy in 1350, AD.

The six of the twelve pills were stolen by German nationalist spies and brought to Berlin in December of 1940. The pills were found to kill in less than three hours, spread the plague by touching the infected, and liquefied 90% of the person consuming the pill. Four of the six pills were taken by American forces in Berlin in 1945. It is believed that Russian forces took the other two.

On July 12th, 1982 the Russian town of Kerdysk, a known KGB research hub was bombed into oblivion, after according to a CIA intelligence report, an unknown pathogen was released resulting in death and liquefaction of over three thousand people and much of the nearby fauna.