File: 6a
Assigned Agent: Lima 5
Status: Open
Threat Level: Gamma

There are no ghosts, sasquatches, flying saucers, or dragons, on our Earth. The Avalon Effect is a theory that was proven right in the early twentieth century by our organization. The theory proposed that in places of intense energy fields alternate realities, and beings/things from those realities can be seen in our reality.

This explains everything from ghosts, to almost every cryptid, to most UFOs. The fields that manifest the multiversal window can be recreated, and we have on more than one occasion been forced to remove such technology from the hands of civilians, as such technology can be used to look into near multiversal earth who's timeline is slightly faster granting a glimpse into a highly probable future.

The Avalon effect tends to occur near geologically unstable areas before or after solar flares or intense electrical storms and near places with a high amount of iron buried in the earth.