File: 8c
Assigned Agent: Zulu 1
Status: Open
Threat Level: Delta

The ruins of Atlantis located 25.0000° N, 71.0000° W ner Bermuda was claimed by the United States from France in 1901 as part of an exchange negotiated by our organization with the French government's Université de L'Etrange. While they received the remains of the four musketeers of old, we were granted access to a technological treasure trove.

Atlantis, per records granted to us from the Vatican, sank thousands of years ago after the world was struck by a solar flare. The technology contained in it was unknowable to us and others until the early 20th century. Many modern conveniences ranging from wireless radio to microwave ovens and space technology was inspired by devices found in the ruins of the once-great city-state.

In 1943 the Atlantis underwater reclamation and research base was lost to the Germans for six months. Luckily, thanks to this organization and more traditional government groups it was reclaimed.