File: 17c
Assigned Agent: Eureka 18
Status: Open
Threat Level: Beta

On September 12, 1865, in New York, a man claiming to be Chester Goode walked into a Police station in Boston seeking asylum, The panic man was raised his arms and then collapsed into a pile of 5 large squids. Thus prooving Cephalopods walk among us.

While such evolved creatures are rare (Estimated 0.5% of the population of all Cephalopods) we have created a protocol that will exterminate their entire freakish species if they prove to be a problem (see Black Pill).

Note: It takes at least 4 large Cephalopods to properly emulate a human. Such gatheris of called a "Mano" of Cephelapods. Manos of note include H.P. Lovecrat and former Vice President Dan Quayle.

Cephalopods Protcol Circa 2015 (MJ7 only)